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Shanti Mudra (Gesture of Peace)

October 23, 2007

The heart-opening Shanti mudra is poetic in its appeal. Raising the arms progressively up the body’s midline, eventually opening them in a remarkable heart-expanding gesture above, the Shanti mudra creates an evocative state of ‘being-at-peace’.

A key to success in practicing the Shanti mudra is your focus on the spine. In the movement, you focus on each of the chakras in turn, so try to progressively lengthen your spine each time you move your arms upwards. Breathe deeply and fully, and enjoy the sensation of immense confidence and strength the open arms can bring you at the top of the movement!

The Shanti Mudra can be found on the Total Health CD by Louise Rowan, along with Dru Yoga’s unique Energy Block Release 2 sequence. It is also on the DVD: Dru Yoga – Techniques for Men, presented by John Jones and Mansukh Patel. If you like it in print format, check out p144 of Crisis and the Miracle of Love, Mansukh Patel and Helena Waters.