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Habit Changing Breath

December 16, 2007

The Habit Changing Breath, in the Peace Formula by Mansukh Patel, is one of the world’s ancient methods for redesigning unhelpful patterns in your unconscious.

Have you ever found yourself repeatedly falling into the same old trap? Perhaps someone just keeps pushing your buttons? Or maybe every time there’s an emotive exchange you run for cover – or alternatively open fire with all guns blazing – despite your best efforts to master yourself?

Dru Meditation provides you with a variety of methods of transforming these painful experiences into new positivity. Mansukh’s deceptively simple description of the Habit Changing Breath will enable you to do just this.

The methods simply involves changing the relative lengths of your in breath and out breath. Since breath is intimately connected to unconscious thought processes, people through the ages have discovered that specific ratios of in breath and out breath can be used to create very precise changes in consciousness.

Many people who use the Habit Changing Breath report that even within a week it enables them to make great progress towards changing very entrenched habits.

You can find the Habit Changing Breath in Practical Peace Exercise 1, on p18 of the Peace Formula, by Mansukh Patel.

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