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Foundation Relaxation

October 22, 2007

Dru relaxation draws from a vast array of Dru yoga techniques for relaxing your body, emotions and mind that have been developed within the yoga field over centuries. None are more potent than the Foundation Relaxation, which brings the best of all of them together in four easy-to-use phases:

1. A physical phase using movement and breath to relax your body
2. An awareness phase, using breath and awareness to relax your emotions and energy system
3. A phase of deep stillness, in which you can re-write the beliefs and patterns of your unconscious
4. A phase of re-energisation, bringing vitality and alertness back to every part of your body-mind.

Anita Goswami guides you two great sitting and lying Dru relaxations in the Deep Relaxation CD. You’ll find versions of Dru relaxation on each of the Energy Block Release CDs, as well as in the Head and Heart Self Development course.

Enjoy the rest!