Energy Block Release 2 (EBR 2)

Energy Block Release 2 helps you quickly re-align and revitalise your body, leaving your feeling free of aches and pains, relaxed and yet re-energised and ready for anything. It also works to create a feeling of deep peacefulness up and down your spine, leaving your mind refreshed and clear.

Dru Yoga’s unique Energy Block Release (EBR) sequences are important tools for de-stressing, re-energising and revitalising your body. They start with EBRs 1 and 2 which work to rebalance your physical body and its energy system. After that, the successive EBR sequences gradually progress through strengthening and balancing your emotional system and the realm of your beliefs, values and unconscious thoughts.

EBR 2 is a great sequence to use in the morning before important meetings, or to clear the lethargy you feel after travel. And it’s fabulous for a quick de-stress or for clearing the effects of the night before!

Louise Rowan’s CD, Total Health takes you gently through EBR 2, as does the Dru Yoga DVD, featuring Coby Langford and Mansukh Patel.


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