Energy Block Release 3 (EBR 3 – Awakening Hearts)

Want to reconnect with your heart, or cultivate a warm, confident feeling of inner strength? Most Dru practitioners turn to EBR 3 when they want to feel good about life.

The first part of this flowing, easy-to-use movement sequence is designed to open the whole chest and shoulder area and bring a powerful focus of attention to your heart centre.  The dramatic Thunderbolt movement in the second part then creates a vigorous shift of awareness along the spine from the base centres, in which we store painful emotions like fear, insecurity, frustration or grief.

As a result, the sequence helps you transform old patterns of painful emotional energy into a warm, satisfied feeling that everything is ok.

Many people find EBR 3 is their Dru highlight!

EBR 3 is available on CD on Awakening the Heart by Anita Goswami, or in the book Dru Yoga for All Seasons (contact us).


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